Jeffrey Marx is delighted to be returning to Mess Hall night with FRESH KICKS! LA credits include BURGERFACE, a live, all-queer talk show called THE Q and gay indie team THE AGENDA. New York credits include Harold Night with TANTRUM & BEVERLY HILLS, the documentary show B-ROLL: FACT OR FICTION, indie teams UGLY STICK & NEELY O'HARA, SHOWGIRLS: THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE! EVER! and was story producer for the reality web series PROJECT IMPROVISOR. Outside of UCB, Jeffrey has performed standup and in many live theater productions. Most notably he originated the role of "Spence" in the debut of MAN BOOBS at The Public Theater in NYC. He was an improv teacher to freshman at Orange County High School of the Performing Arts. Lastly, he was a fan favorite and finalist on ABC's THE GLASS HOUSE - A reality show where he blended pop culture & politics while making a Mormon mom cry. Have a great day!