Matt Cutler is a writer and performer in New York City. He has studied and performed at the UCB Theatre since 2007. Some years before that, he was a writer and performer with the sketch and improv group Don't Throw Shoes at The College of Wooster. He has performed on Harold Night with Monstro, dybbuk, and currently with Bucky. Other UCB credits include Oscarbait, All Of My Friends Are Getting Married, and The Bonoscene. Here is a list of everyone he's ever studied improv or sketch with in a formal setting: Betsy Stover, Doug Moe, Dominic Dierkes, Chris Gethard, Shannon O'Neill, Eric Scott, Anthony Atamanuik, Dyna Moe, Curtis Gwinn, Brandon Garnder, Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Anthony King, Mark Sutton, and Matt Walsh. They've helped him a lot. Matt lives in Brooklyn. Ask him about his master's degree in theology. Hometown: Amherst, Massachusetts.

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