Everybody really likes John for some reason. John's improv history includes The End of the World, GIRLS, and UCB Lloyd teams SPOOKY GHOST and BLOODY MARY. Currently, he writes for his UCB maude team ROANOKE and he writes/performs in THE LIVIA SCOTT SKETCH PROGRAM. He is also one of the directors and co-founders of BOOGIEMANJA, an experimental sketch program that runs monthly shows in NYC. He has also written and performed for huge comedy outlets such as: Above Average, Adult Swim, Funny Or Die, Collegehumor, CH2, and more! John is also the creator of LAST NIGHT, a web series about partying that got him a bunch of cool interviews with blogs like Splitsider and NYU Local. You can check that out at Lastnighttheshow.com. Check out JohnTrowbridgeComedy.com for vids and show dates! And follow @johntrowbridge for daily garbage opinions.

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