Matt Mayer is truly thrilled to be a writer, director, producer, improviser and performer at the UCB Theatre in NY, where he's been studying since 2006. I mean, hair standing on end thrilled. He hails from a little town called Mahwah, NJ. It's little not in size, just in importance to the world and to him. Matt is a field producer/director, editor and writer for the comedy TV show Take Me To Your Mother, starring Andrea Rosen, on NickMom. At UCB, Matt performs on Harold Night with his team Greg. As a member of the sketch group Whale Thief, Matt co-produces, -writes, and -directs the monthly UCB show Sketch Cram wherein a brand new hour-long sketch show is made entirely in a day. Whale Thief also produced the recent collaborative project Movie Cram, which produced a feature length comedy film, from pitch to premiere, in 24 hours. Having been on various house teams at UCB since 2009, he is a former member of Harold teams Monstro, CAPTCHA, Very Good Kiss, Johnny Romance, and Sherlock & Cookies, and he's a former Writer/Director/Editor for the BETA team The Brig. The secret's out. Matt plays the self-proclaimed Sexiest Wrestler In The UCBW, Razor Raymond. In The-Internet-Matters-Now News: Matt was the director and editor for the 2012 internet video Shit New Yorkers Say, which has nearly 4 million views. Videos featuring Matt's talents in front of or behind the camera have netted well over 10 million views. Matt directed the long-running UCB stage show Welcome To Camp, written and performed by Abbi Jacobson. Matt has been in several short films, including recent 3rd place winner of the SVA Live Action Short Film Graduate Film Festival, Blue Beat. He also did the graphics for Shannon O'Neill's one-woman show Prison Freaks: A Talent Show, directed by Will Hines. That show was very important to Matt. Okay? Please visit his website


The Longest Harold Night of the Year!

Sketch Cram!