David is a comedian/filmmaker born and raised in NYC. He has been studying at UCB since 2006, and has had the pleasure of studying with a plethora of wonderful teachers. He has been apart of a whole bunch of shows at UCB including The Macroscene, The Movie, Too Many Guns, Relationship Cycles, The Brooks Brothers Clambake, Sketch Cram, David Lynch's Blue Velvetine's Day, The Honeymen: A Salute To Honey, Rewrite Movie Night, and former Harold Teams, dybbuk, Dance Break and GoodGirl. He currently performs on Harold Night with The Enemy. David can be seen every Wednesday night on Manhattan Cable Access' The Chris Gethard Show as The Human Fish. His other TV credits include very brief appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Onion News Network and commercials for Subway and Joe's Crab Shack. David makes videos with the sketch group COME ON GET MAD, including the hit web series LAST NIGHT and he wrote and directed a series called BLUVBAND IS DOING JUST FINE, which he hopes you'll enjoy. His spirit animal is a mouse smoking a pipe.

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