First off, Jackie LOVES super informative bios. Born and raised a Southern belle, Jackie has been a comedienne her entire existence. It started when she competed in Beauty pageants throughout childhood as a bit. She won sometimes and it was really funny. Her love of being laughed at soon became her life passion. As a child Jackie co-hosted a hit cable access show, SuperStar kids, in her hometown of Garland, Texas that lasted several seasons. Jackie was nicknamed "Little Patsy" by the locals due to her deep soulful voice resembling Patsy Cline. She packed the house at the Garland Opry and brought tears to many eyes. Jackie later attended the University of Texas at Austin and received a BS degree in Radio Television & Film. Her acting career officially began when she landed a recurring co-starring role on the Aaron Sorkin dramedy, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Jackie then found her comedy home at the UCB and has been performing main stage since 2008 when she was just a teeny baby in the original musical FREAK DANCE: THE FORBIDDEN DIRTY BOOGALOO written by Matt Besser. She reprised her role of Jezebel in the feature film version of the stage show. Other UCB stage credits include The Dirtiest Sketch Contest, Other People's Stuff, Mix tape, What's Going On with Mike Mitchell, Welcome Sinners, Oscar Winners: Revealed, Sketch Cram, Let's Do This, UCB Cagematch, and etc. She's an alum of the Maude Sketch team GOODMAN, the Winners of the 2012 UCB Odyssey. Her most fulfilling UCB gig combines both passions, singing and comedy: performing on the Quick & Funny Musicals Company. She has written such musicals as Walter White & The Amazing Blue Crystal Meth, The Best Little Hoarder House in Texas, and Catfish: The Musical. Jackie loves the internet: She has a story-telling column on and a mildly popular Tumblr page. Jackie is also passionate about the environment, celebrities, satellite radio, sitting in front of the TV for hours, and super informative bios. Her dog Chooch is also a dog actress.

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