TIMOTHY DUNN is a New York City-based comedy-person. Other descriptive words about Tim include: actor, writer, host, producer, director, Chicago-native and chili omelette. A Northwestern University grad, Tim moved to New York and was thrilled to join the company of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in January 2008. He's been a sketch comedy actor on Maude Teams: -"mixtape '98" -"GORILLA GORILLA" -"Neighbor Boy" He's been a producer for UCBComedy Beta Teams: -"Diamonds, Wow!" -"The Punch" ...and his current team, "SCRAPS." Outside of his company teams show, you might've seen Tim on the UCB stage in: -"How Rude: Tim & D'Arcy Find the 90s!" -"Waiting for Obama: A Night at the Disney Hall of Presidents" -"Sing Out, Louise!" -"This is Not a Skech Show: A Sketch Show" -"The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, and Romance" -"Brad Sacks Gets a Handjob" -"Spoiler Alert: This is a Sketch Show" ...and as a proud member of the superstar sketch team, "Tremendous Machine." Outside of UCB, Tim's performed Off and Off-Off Broadway, as a nationally-heard voice actor, a commercial actor and a live event and television host. Among other credits, Tim has been featured on Conan, in NBC's Celebrity Apprentice promos, as a segment host on "Toni On! New York," co-hosting a show on THE ANIMAL PLANET, and doing various comedy bits for Discovery, NatGeo, MTV, and Comedy Central. Tim loves insanely spicy foods, cheap beer, and posting pictures online of his naughty (and hilarious!) pitbull, Harry. www.timothydunncomedy.com

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