Justin Michael is an actor, writer / director, and LA native. He's a member of the improv team Winslow, host of the hit podcast Before You Were Funny, and writer / performer on the sketch groups Jumbo Mumbo and Tremendosaur. He co-created the stop-motion animated series Friendship All-Stars for L Studio and Stoopid Buddy and created Nickelodeon's upcoming Gleep-Glorp & Lasertag. He also hosts Batman: The Animated Podcast.

You want more? Okay. He's acted and written for Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, Audible, Above Average and was a staff writer on Matt Besser's Comedy Central special, "This Show Will Get You High." Justin has performed at San Francisco Sketch Fest, Austin's Out of Bounds Festival, The Del Close Marathon, and toured various colleges across the country.

 His UCB credits include: Dub-a-Dub-Dub, Tournament of Nerds, Play-by-Play, The UCB Thanksgiving Day Parade, Wilhelm (the improvised movie), Tremendosaur Sells Out, Sketch Cram and guest performer at Maude Night.

 If you'd like to continue your relationship beyond this bio follow @heyjustin on Twitter.

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