Sarah is an actress, writer and improvisor who has been studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2006. She has been seen on Harold Night with the improv teams Dybbuk and Monstro, and on Maude Night with the sketch teams High Treason, Neighbor Boy and The Get Go. She currently performs with and adores the UCB sketch team The Get Go and the Harold team Cardinal Redbird! Past shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (in both New York and Los Angeles) include Topical Island, Walter White's Amazing Blue Crystal Meth, Year in Improv, A Harry Potter Musical!, This Is About Smith, Cool Show for Teen Girlz, This is Not a Sketch Show, Newsadoozies, The New York Talent Academy Showcase, The Macroscene, and many more. She moved to New York after graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and then to Los Angeles after sampling all the pizza in the 5 boroughs. Sarah has performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and studied under members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and Stratford upon Avon. Sarah is also a member of DTLA theater company The Loft Ensemble. She loves fireworks and sandwiches and cats, and runs the website

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