Matthew Brian Cohen has been studying and performing at the UCB since 2009. In LA, he currently writes on Maude Night with Glendale. In New York, he was a member of the Harold team Namaste and Lloyd teams Bloody Mary and Spooky Ghost. He has written for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, Honest Trailers, and the Onion News Network, as well as McSweeny's, College Humor, and Trop Magazine. He co-wrote and starred in Why We Broke Up which ran at UCB and was featured in Austin SketchFest, and directs the sketch comedy game show, Everyone's Favorite Game Show, at UCBEast. His podcast, Lifescrapers: Tall Stories of American Lives, can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and streaming online at BreakThru Radio. He is the co-editor of the humor magazine Janice, found at . He also wrote a novel, which you can get on your Amazon Kindle or Kindle-enabled device, called Danny Disaster. He is also on Twitter, like a lot of people, @TheMatthewCohen. His Mom is pretty great.

Maude Night: UCB's Sketch Comedy House Teams