Dan Chamberlain is a New York comedy man. He has been an actor on Maude Night for five years, with UCB sketch teams Legs for Days and Fambly.

Running shows he's appeared in at UCB include California, USA (2015), That's Bullshit (2015), The Honeymen Present A Salute to Honey (2012), Cool Show 4 Teen Girlz (2011), and WHOLE A BUNCH MORE.

Currently a staff writer at Broadway Video's Above Average, he has also worked as a writer for Funny Or Die. You've seen him in act in sketches and videos for Above Average, CollegeHumor, Funny Or Die, MTV, Travel Channel, and Vice, as well as in advertisements for Acer, Excedrin, HBO, H&R Block, Kraft, Liberty Mutual, & more.

As Chambaland, Dan's mashups and remixes have been featured on Buzzfeed, Esquire, Gawker, The Hairpin, Interview, Teen Vogue, NYMag's Vulture, and more. The AV Club calls Chambaland 'a mixtape hero.' 

In 1993, Dan won the National Audobon Society Youth Art Prize- a certificate a check for $100, which his mom made him open a savings account with.


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