Dan Chamberlain is a New York comedy man! Here are things you may know him from: - Actor with UCB sketch teams Legs for Days and Fambly. - Contributing writer at Funny Or Die and The Occasional. - Sketches and videos with Above Average, CollegeHumor, Funny Or Die, MTV, Travel Channel, Vice, more. - Ads for Kraft, Acer, HBO, H&R Block, Excedrin, more. - Co-writer and performer for Left Handed Radio, available via the Splitsider podcast network. - As Chambaland, mashups and remixes featured on The AV Club, Buzzfeed, Esquire, Gawker, The Hairpin, Interview, Pop Culture Brain, The Verge, NYMag's Vulture, more. - National Audobon Society Youth Art Prize; First Place (1993)

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