Maggie Carey is a writer/director based in New York. Carey co-created & directed THE JEANNIE TATE SHOW, a WB online series about a soccer mom hosting a talk show while running errands in her minivan. Named a "Top 20 Web Series" by New York Magazine and recommended by McSweeney's, the show sold to HBO to develop for television. She also co-wrote MY LIFE COACH, which is set up at Universal with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell producing. She wrote on the ABC sitcom IN THE MOTHERHOOD (stars Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines) and recently co-wrote and directed the sketch series LADY REFS for HBO's Funny or Die Presents (stars Rachel Dratch, Chris Parnell and Bill Hader). Carey's feature script, THE HAND JOB, made the Black List, an annual list of Hollywood's favorite unproduced screenplays. Carey holds a BA in English Literature from The University of Montana where she was co-captain of her Division I soccer team. She earned her MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas - Austin. Carey currently performs improv with Ragnarck at UCB Theatre NYC.

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