Ari Scott began studying improv at UCB Theatre in 2005 and started sketch writing in 2007. She joined Maude Night in 2008 and was a writer for a total of five and a half years on the teams mixtape '98, Thunder Gulch, The Prom, Dinner, and 212. Ari was a writer (and sometime actor) in Thunder Gulch's Halloween sketch show MONSTER NIGHT LIVE for 5 years, from 2009-2013. In 2014, she wrote her first short play, "The Girl That You Once Knew," for UCB Theatre's 10-Minute Play Festival. The same year, one of her sketches was featured in UCBT's selective "I'm Cool" showcase. In addition to sketch writing, Ari has experience behind the piano and the camera. She played keyboard and wrote the music for KIRK CAMERON REPERTORY PLAYERS PRESENT: A HARRY POTTER MUSICAL! and has accompanied many musical improv groups over the years. She's also taken thousands of photographs at UCB Theatre and elsewhere. In her spare time, Ari looks at pictures of pugs on the internet and dreams of owning a washing machine. She tweets under the secret code name @ariscott.