Josh Simpson is a comedian, writer, actor and maker of online mischief living in Los Angeles. He's been studying with the UCB since 2004 and performing on stage since 2007.
Josh has been performing on Harold night for over 4 years with Flap Jackson and The Great War. He also performs with The Twitter Show and a group he co-founded Werner Hotdog: The Documentary. He's done a lot of sketch writing as well, but you're not really interested in that, are you?
Professionally, Josh has found a home on the Internet. He worked for over 2 years at Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's, where he wrote, produced and directed original comedy videos. He also answered phones and did accounting, but that would be stupid to include here.
He left in the Summer of 2010 after starting the Twitter account @BPGlobalPR in the wake of the BP Oil Spill. Josh used this fake Twitter account to satirize BP's absurd PR efforts in the wake of the spill. The account gained over 190,000 followers in a month and got write ups in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Fast Company and all the websites that your nerdy friends talk about. He even got to do a TED Talk at TEDxOilSpill in Washington D.C. It was absurd. Buy him (me) a beer sometime, and he'll (I'll) tell you all about it.
Josh then spent a year and a half writing and producing original content for Conan O'Brien's website 
He's currently freelancing, writing and teaching improv classes in Los Angeles and spending as much time as possible with his dog named Dre.

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