Erik Tanouye is a half-Japanese comedian who can be seen every Saturday night performing with The Curfew at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea.

He was a creative consultant for Netflix's The Characters: Natasha Rothwell episode. He also writes for the UCB Digital Team The Council. He created the popular blog Song Lyrics in Chart Form ( which is now available as a book: His popular twitter feed is available here:

He co-wrote the viral hit "BP Spills Coffee" video (in which he also appears as a Halliburton employee).

Erik has directed many Maude Night shows in the past and written for sketch groups (212), Pocketwatch, Neighbor Boy, Chunk, and Dinner. As an improviser, he performed at Harold night for eight years as a member of legendary teams like Grandma's Ashes, 1985, Dillinger, The Shoves, Bastian, and The Scam. He is originally from Maryland. He has an English degree from Dartmouth College and is currently School Manager for the UCB Training Center. He lives in Hudson Heights.

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