D'Arcy started taking class at UCB in 2004 (maybe 2005, who can remember??) and was instantly hooked. Her first Maude Team, Stone Cold Fox, now has the honor of being the longest running sketch team at UCBNY. That's cool. She has been on three incredible Harold teams, Scootch, Still Mike and Badman. She is thrilled to be a member of the improv team The Curfew. She has gotten to do improv all across the country as a member of the UCB Touring Company. She is also super proud (too proud?) of her long running show Gentrify - that ran for years in Brooklyn, before being moved to UCB East. D'Arcy was lucky enough to be in some truly amazing shows at UCB including Killgore, How Rude: Tim and D'Arcy Find the 90's (written by Caitlin Bitzegaio), Death Wears Stilettos (written by Michael Trapp), Oh My God, I Heard You're Dying (written by Chris Kelly) and ASSSSCAT 3000. You can see D'Arcy on the internet in funny vids and web series like Hello Dum Dum, Rhonda Casting, and Terrible Babysitters (co-written by and co-starring Michael Kayne). She has appeared on Comedy Central, Animal Planet and ESPN and can be seen in the upcoming movie The To-Do List. She recently relocated to LA and lives in Hollywood with her SUPER HOT husband.

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