Zack is a writer and performer in New York. At UCB, Zack performs on the Harold team Grammer, writes short films for UCB Digital, and has written on house sketch teams for six years. Elsewhere, Zack's a contributor to The Onion's topical web videos, the Onion's clickbait parody Clickhole, and Funny or Die's Words and Pictures. Zack is a former staff writer for the Onion sports show GOOMF, the author of over 40 web videos for UCB and others (playlist: ), and the co-writer, co-star of "Good Dads", a 2013 New York Television Festival sitcom pilot. You can also see Zack perform with his indie improv group, Gadget. He began studying at the UCB Theater in 2008. Before that, Zack did comedy at Haverford College and in D.C. with Washington Improv Theater. He thinks his beloved Cincinnati Reds are looking solid for this season, but he thinks that every year.