David has been studying and performing at the UCBT since 2006, when he moved to New York after years of performing with Dirty South Improv (DSI) in North Carolina. David has appeared at Harold Night, off and on, with a number of ensembles since 2007 and is honored to currently perform with GREG. David is a political impersonator, who's impression of John McCain won Denny's national "Vote For Real" competition in 2008. Snippets of his 50+ impressions have been featured by CNN, The Washington Post, Politico and Congressional Quarterly. He's also performed stand-up at the (now closed) Comix in New York City, and written some inappropriate articles for Collegehumor. Besides performing, David is also a teacher at the UCB's Training Center and has been coaching improv groups of all stripes in New York City on a regular basis since 2008. This improv stuff is all he knows and he can't stop so lets just enjoy it, okay?


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