Ruby Karp has been performing at UCB since she was a fetus. Her first official show was in 2003 in Jake Fogelnest's and Paul Scheer's Talk Show. She's done monologues at ASSSSCAT and was the host of the monthly Hello Giggles Presents storytelling & stand up show. She's also appeared in Human Giant, Smart Girls at the Party; she's won a Moth slam, she's done a TEdx talk, spoken at the UN and hosted StuVoice. Ruby has written for Hello Giggles, Mashable, Refinery29 and the Mindhut. She is the author of BRATTY, which will be published November 2017. And, she currently hosts the monthly stand up show, We Hope You Have Fun at UCB East. She's a junior at LaGuardia School of Performing Arts and would really like to pass Calculus.

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