Maggie is an actress and writer living in Brooklyn. She began taking improv classes at UCB in 2005 and studied under several people whose names are Jon Daly, Betsy Stover, Chris Gethard, Michael Delaney and Billy Merritt. She has a BFA in Film from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. For the past 8 years, Maggie has been performing sketch comedy around New York and on the web with her comedy troupe, POYKPAC, racking up over 79 million views on the Youtube. One of their most popular videos is the semi-famous, "Hipster Olympics". With POYKPAC, she also co-created, wrote and starred in the IFC Webseries, "Good Morning Internet," and over 100 other internet type videos. She also hosts movie trivia every Tuesday and TV Bingo every Wednesday at Videology in Williamsburg. You should come! Maggie is real excited to be performing in UCB's Maude Night! She sure can't wait to see everyone!

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