Dhruv Uday Singh is an actor, writer, filmmaker, improviser, and other things you can just say you are. He was born and raised in Mumbai (then Bombay), India, and moved to L.A. to study Creative Writing and Film at the University of Southern California.

Dhruv performs weekly with the Harold team Rococo (Mondays and Fridays at UCB Franklin) and writes on the Maude team Nephew (the first Wednesday every month at UCB Sunset). He is in the cast of the 2015 ABC Talent Showcase. He also created and hosts the Harold Matchmaker (the second Tuesday every month at the Inner Sanctum). He does and has done a lot of other shows too, like a bunch of one-man sketch and narrative shows, Sketch Cram, Play by Play, UCB ComicCon, For Serial, Spoiler Country, Celebrity Barf Machine, Hyphenate, countless bit shows, and the Best of UCB Showcase, Starpunch. He can sometimes be seen performing at iO West, the Groundlings, the Clubhouse and at all the indie shows he can handle.

Dhruv has studied at UCBTLA since 2012 under too many incredible teachers to name, and is an extremely grateful/gleeful recipient of the UCB Diversity Scholarship. He wants to "shout out" to Jaime Moyer for being so kind so early. Dhruv is thrilled to be on the Harold team Rococo, the Maude team Nephew, and the Kumar team Tech Support.

Photo by Keli Squires-Taylor.

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