Pam Murphy is a writer, actor, and comedian from New York. Pam performs every Friday at 9 with Your F'ed Up Family at UCB Sunset. She's also a member of the UCBTLA Maude team Bonafide. Pam currently performs her new solo show, Like Me at UCB. You should see it! Pam's previous solo show, The C Word, was named The Best Solo Show of the Year by Time Out NY and nominated for an ECNY award. Pam was a member of several house teams at the UCB Theatre in NY including Havana Clambake, Killebrew, Kill Your Darlings, DeCoster, and Standard Oil, and the UCB Maude Teams, Slow Burn and Arbuckle. Pam has appeared on 30 Rock, Happy Endings, Key & Peele, Welcome to Sweden, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Jeselnik Offensive, a slew of commercials and a ridiculous amount of internet videos. When not performing, Pamela spends her free time spoiling her skittish dog. That dog really loves her.

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