Anais Fairweather was born and raised in a town that you may not have heard much about: Orange County. She luckily survived never being hit by Expedition to graduate from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Journalism and Sociology. Anais pretended for a few years that she was happy as an advertising salesperson, until one fateful day she came across an epic movie: “The Other Boleyn Girl,” when she realized that she needed to move to LA, find Natalie Portman, become best friends with Natalie Portman, and do some acting along the way. Anaisʼ acting credits include many national commercials and FunnyOrDie Sketches, as well as independent films and web-series. She writes and performs sketch and improv with her team Private Street, and is very excited to be joining Thunderstruck to host TNT, and UCB Cagematch every week. Anais finds great comfort and joy in creating characters and bringing them to life on stage. Anais would like to add that she has a phone full of pictures of her niece readily available for your viewing. You wonʼt even have to ask her to see them.

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