Matt Chester is a writer, a performer, and a weather-beaten walnut farmer. He's been a student at the UCB Theatre since 2011, and has studied with great teachers like Eugene Cordero, Alex Berg, Joe Wengert, Kevin Pedersen, Dave Ferguson, Billy Merritt, and many others.
His improv/sketch group The Younger Statesmen has had videos featured on Buzzfeed and Funny or Die, and has performed at the San Francisco Improv Festival, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and at countless indie shows and showcases. They pitched a Rufio movie that the internet heard about and briefly went nuts over, and they got to develop a musical TV comedy with the Jim Henson Company that would have been SO SICK if it got made you guys. He's also written several plays for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and for Collaborative Arts LA, a theatre company based out of, well, you can probably guess.
Matt is thrilled to be a part of the UCB Maude team The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club. Check out him and his friends at, and check him out by himself on Twitter @IamMattChester.