Matt Chester is a writer, performer, and weather-beaten walnut farmer. He writes for the Maude team The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club, and has appeared in several UCB shows, including "Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: Wanted for Murder!," Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad, UCB Comic-Con Internatonal, Spoiler Country, and Sketch Cram. He also co-wrote and starred in "Van Gogh Dating," which required him to spray on a lot of gross temporary hair dye (weep for him). With his improv/sketch group The Younger Statesmen he has performed at festivals, pitched movies to Kennedy/Marshall, developed TV shows with the Jim Henson Company, and created videos featured on The AV Club, Buzzfeed and Funny or Die. He's also written several plays for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and for Collaborative Arts LA, a theatre company based out of, well, you can probably guess. Check him out on Twitter @IamMattChester.

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