David is a writer/performer/all-around-fun-guy from Mississippi, who's pumped as heck to be a performer on the maude team TuT. He also performed with Nephew a few times, which was a hoot. His other UCBTLA credits include: The Blocky Horror Taxes Show, Spoiler Country: Game of Thrones, It Sucked Awards, UCB Thanksgiving Parade, UCBlack History Month, Not Too Shabby, and is a five-time Cagematch and five-time Sketch Showdown winner with his indie improv/sketch team Private Street. David also co-wrote and performed in Private Street's sketch shows Sketch Slam, Char Starr Child Star, and their hour-long show at the Comedy Central stage, Public Access. He's also written, directed, edited, gripped and done craft services for a bunch of web videos. David still gets Legos for his birthday, because being an adult can be pretty stupid sometimes.

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