Leann is a writer, improvisor, and director from Los Angeles. After graduating from film school, Leann decided to take sketch writing and improv classes at UCB. She was soon sucked into the glorious world of comedy and immersed herself in all things sketch and improv. She is currently a writer for the Maude team Nephew as well as a writer and director for UCBComedy.com. She improvises all over town at various indie shows, and occasionally graces the stage for UCB bit shows and stand up sets. Her writing credits include CBS, Buzzfeed, Sketch Cram, Nephew: Barn Prom, Starpunch, Spoiler Country, UCBlack History Month, Cornel West's Black History Month Show and others! She's directed and written handfuls of sketches, bits, shorts and 'things' that can be found on Funnyordie.com and Youtube.

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