Hello, friend. My name is Murf Meyer, and I'm a lovable madman from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Here are some other things about me I'd like you to know. You can see me as a panelist on The Chris Gethard Show, which aired live on Manhattan Neighborhood Network for three years, and will be coming to the cable network Fusion in April. My lover, Diana Kolsky, and I co-host a popular sex & relationship podcast called Menage a Trois Radio. We drop new episodes every Wednesday, and we're produced by UCB Comedy. I've co-starred in two television pilots: one for Comedy Central, and the other for TruTV. I've also guest starred on an episode of the hit television program Broad City. I studied improvisation & sketch comedy writing at the UCB Training Center. You can catch me performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC on Maude Night (sketch) & on Lloyd Night (improv). I write & act for The Dependable Felons, a multimedia production company. In addition to producing award-winning short films, The Felons invade apartments all over NYC with The Whiskey Tango Living Room Tour, which is a live comedic extravaganza sponsored by Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Man, do I drink lots of the stuff. I'm certain you've heard my voice and/or seen my face in various television and Internet commercial spots. Every commercial I book takes a little piece of my soul, but commercial work has been paying my rent for years so...fuck it. Perhaps you've also seen me in videos for Funny or Die, Above Average, or UCB Comedy. Who knows? If you're still reading this bio you may want to follow me on Twitter @MurfMeyer or dive into murfmeyer.com. Management: Bleecker Street Entertainment


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