J.D. Amato is a writer, director, and performer based in New York. He performs improv, directs, and puts on weird shows at the UCB Theater. Some of the weird shows he has put on include We Are Not Terrorists and We Are Not a Cult. J.D. was on the Harold teams Creature and Rocks. He is the Director and one of the Executive Producers and wirters of The Chris Gethard Show, a weekly live public access television show and video podcast. thechrisgethardshow.com He co-hosts 12 Hour Day with J.D. and Connor which is a podcast in which every episode is a continuously unbroken twelve hour long conversation. twelvehourday.podbean.com J.D. works as a writer, director, and producer in New York for places like IFC, Comedy Central, College Humor, VH1, Funny or Die, and more. You can contact him and see some of his work at justdreamingaway.com Twitter: @JDAmato

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