Ally Hord is a writer for the UCB maude team Bonafide. A graduate of the Northwestern University film school, she recently served as Supervising Producer for NBC's "Red Nose Day" as well as Al Madrigal's special for the Fusion Network, "Half Like Me". Formerly, she was the Executive Producer of Funny or Die, and contributed material on such projects as "Billy on the Street" and "First Dates with Toby Harris", as well as performed in the webseries "Lady Time" and "It's F*ckin' Late". Additionally, she launched Funny or Die's political content page "Live Funny or Die" - a 2012 Webby honoree for humor - and produced the company's first feature film "iSteve" now available on Netflix. Her other UCB writing and performing credits include Sketchcram, "Good Morning, It's the Morning Show!", Spoofmas, the LA Comedy Fest, and Not Too Shabby.

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