Heather is an improviser, sketch comedian, and writer. Born and raised in Westwood, she decided to go all the way to the University of Southern California for college.  She graduated in 2008, where she majored in Screenwriting with Distinction, and minored in Neuroscience with no particular significance. While Heather super hearts comedy, she spends most of her time writing for that other, whinier side of the actor mask.  Her TV drama writing credits include: Human Target, Falling Skies, and her current gig, Sleepy Hollow.  Ichabod Crane wakes up in the 21st century and shit gets real, nahmeannnn?
Heather's been studying both improv and sketch at UCB since 2009. Her credits include Let's Do This!, Sketch Cram, and the all-female Maude team The Get Go.  They've been together for three years so they're all on the same cycle.  Check them out!