Rachel Hastings is a comedy writer from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which is famous for being pretty close to Scranton, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Ithaca College, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Television-Radio after learning that was a thing she could do. She has studied improv and sketch at UCBTNY and UCBTLA since 2009 under amazing teachers including Chelsea Clarke, Brett Christensen, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Curtis Gwinn, Dominic Dierkes, Sean Conroy, Chris Kula, Dan Gregor, and John Flynn. Rachel has written for Bob's Burgers (FOX), the Bob's Burgers comic book, Cartoon Network, and Warner Brothers Animation. She was a member of Maude teams TUT and The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club. Other UCB credits include Spoiler Country, UCB Yuletide Christmas Holiday Special and Pie Raffle, Sketch Cram, and The XX Factor.


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