Josh Brekhus is a comedian/writer/performer. You can see him on Harold Night every Monday. More importantly he is a real COMMERCIAL ACTOR, a real "theatre head" (he supports so much theatre), he has a real IMDB profile (Look it up. Boost that Star Meter), he is a real member of SAG, AFTRA, and Kaiser Permanente. Josh has never been kissed, his choice. He has a very sweet dog named Fernie. He can be seen in the upcoming movie Deadpool. Follow him on Twitter @joshbrekhus1 or Venmo him money @josh-brekhus. This bio was written by his roommate Gregory Adam Wallace who is both 100 times funnier and 100 times more handsome than Josh. You can see Gregory on Harold night performing with Queen George. Gregory can comfortably do twenty push-ups. Once, Josh broke his arm doing one push-up.

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