Justin has performed and studied improv and sketch comedy since 2002, when he was cast in his college improv troupe, Live Nude People (with clothes on). In addition to studying drama and improv at UC Irvine, Playhouse West, and Stella Adler, Justin has studied at UCB since 2011. Justin formerly co-hosted and created Rewrite Movie Night (UCB East), with Dave Bluvband, directed by Todd Bieber. He produced Indie Cage Match (UCB East) with Amey Goerlich, and made videos with Horse + Horse, a really awesome UCB Beta team. Justin has appeared on Underground Americana (UCB Theater), The Big Shrink (UCB East), and has been honored to write and direct for UCB Sketch Cram on a few occasions (UCB East). Justin is honored to be a part of Kristen Bartlett's Dead Dad's Club. Most of the time Justin can be found on set directing something, or in a coffee shop, writing.


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