Anthony is a writer and performer living in Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Economics, he moved to LA and began studying at UCB in 2009. Currently, he can be seen performing with JV on Harold Night and in JV presents: #ThrowbackFriday as well as around the country with UCB's Touring Company. Onscreen, his most recent credits include Key & Peele, The Middle, The Jeselnik Offensive, MTV's Fast Food Heights, Funny or Die Exclusives, Seasons 1 & 2 of VGHS, and a slew of commercials. UCB credits include: Harold Night (JV & Kid Grift), UCB's Touring Company, Bombs Away! (writer/performer), Kid Grift Gets Smart, Kid Grift Steals Your Show, Kid Grift's Apartment Party, Werner Hotdog: The Improvised Documentary, Del Close Marathon 12, 13, 14, & 15, Cagematch, Noises On!, Sketch Cram, Sketch Showdown, The UCB Variety Hour, Hip Hop Penguin's Summer School Assembly for Juvenile Delinquents, UCBWCW, The Pizza Show, Tremendosaur Sells Out, Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza - 4-D!, 3-Day Weekend, March Madness Tournament, 3 on 3 Improv Tournament, The UCB Thanksgiving Parade, Election Night at UCB, Let's Do This, and Not Too Shabby.

JV presents: #ThrowbackFriday