Moujan Zolfaghari is many things, some of which includes performer, writer, director and producer. As a performer, she has been a member of a number house HAROLD teams and is currently a sketch performer for MAUDE team, Lover. With, she is a correspondent for the weekly news team, UCB1 News. She has also appeared on The Tonight Show/Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Onion News Network (Comedy Central), VH1 Top 20 Countdown, MTV, CollegeHumor, national commercials, and more. As a director, writer and producer for live, scripted and documentary-based programming, her credits include BBC America, The Onion News Network, Bravo, TVGuide, Comedy Central, MSNBC/NBC News, The History Channel,, LandlineTV & You pronounce her name as Moo-Jhan Zol-faa-gar-ee. You got it.

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