Caroline is a performer and writer living in New York City. She has studied at UCB since 2009 under Anthony Atamanuik, Ben Rodgers, Gavin Speiller, Kevin Hines, Erik Tanouye, Michael Delaney, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Jordan Klepper, and Dyna Moe. She has also done other fun stuff at the UCB like Improv Nerds, The Macroscene, The Current, and The Movie. She is a former member of the Lloyd team Huxtable and the Harold teams Rocks and Big Margaret. She also performs around the city (mostly in basements) with the improv teams Daddy Long Legs, Marquee, and Sock Party. Caroline has a BA in Film Studies from Fordham University, where she did all sorts of comedy stuff with the improv troupe Stranded in Pittsburgh and sketch comedy group Free Pizza. She performs with the UCB Harold team Higgins on Tuesday evenings and the Maude team One Idiot. You can see some of her videos and stuff on her website at:

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