John Zachary Townsend (hereafter referred to as JZT) is a writer and a performer living in New York City. JZT writes for the Maude Team Lover, and previously wrote for the Maude Team Moriarty. JZT co-wrote Standards & Practices: A Show About Modern Romance with Ellena Chmielewsk, which ran at the UCB for one year. They are in production on a short film adaptation of the show and it's gonna be great. JZT co-wrote Annie Hall 2 and Annie Hall 3, two unsolicited spec screenplay sequels to Annie Hall with his Mitchell Stephen Fesh; they are currently writing Weird Computer, their first original feature film. Outside of UCB, JZT hosts a lot of strange lighthouse themed comedy shows in Williamsburg, and performs characters wherever and whenever he can. email: johnzacharytownsend at gmail dot com


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