Jon is a writer/director/improviser originally from a town that no one's heard of, or cares about, in North Carolina (Columbia, NC - Population: 807 according to the internet).  He went to UNC Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Media Studies and Production.  Jon's been studying at UCBT-LA for 5 years, and has studied under all sorts of cool folks, including Ian Roberts, Chad Carter, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Eugene Cordero, Charlie Sanders...  You know, a bunch of folks.   He can be seen performing with his sketch group BIG GRANDE, and performing weekly with his UCB Harold Team, Winslow.  
Jon also co-created, co-wrote, directed and starred in the CollegeHumor webseries Molly Made Me with reviews ranging from "What the f**k was this? Did I miss some kind of punch-line that was suppose to make this funny?" to "I actually found it pretty funny." to "In a way I feel like I could watch this." to "This is utter trash."  Jon also directs videos for internet sketch duo Medium Friends (Drew Tarver and Steve Szlaga) as well as a bunch of his own stuff. 

Big Grande's Freaks on a Leash