Langan Kingsley has been at UCB since 2008 and has studied improv and sketch under one million highly qualified instructors which she will happily list in person. She's been on quite a few Harold Teams--CAPTCHA (epic), Dance Break (legendary), The Pox (infamous), and Salmon Diane (totally forgettable)--and currently performs improv with What I Did For Love (legit dope) and UCB TourCo (100% fly). She performs sketch comedy with her Maude Team Beige (sweet as a summer wine). If you're interested in seeing her acquire enormous sweat stains over the course of a half hour, please check out "LANGAN DICE KINGSLEY: The Dicewoman Cometh," currently running at UCBNY. She has made over 100 billion American dollars writing & acting in things on the world wide web, all of which can be viewed at the very professional domain of Her inner thoughts can be found on where she is @thisislangan. At one point or another, people have very earnestly compared her to the following celebrities: Elizabeth Berkley (Saved by the Bell era), Michael Jackson, Claire Danes playing Temple Grandin, Nick Nolte, and (by her own grandpa) Don Knotts.