Fiona Landers is an actor and writer from Los Angeles who was almost born in a yellow 1964 Ford Thunderbird convertible*.  You can see her performing at UCB LA with her favorite sketch team, Oh, Brother! and in her hit musical one person show, Fiona Landers: Paradise Valley, directed by Eva Anderson.
Her television credits include playing a Russian bodyguard on Burn Notice, voicing characters for Animaniacs and Batman Beyond, and playing the role of Sophia in a very pivotal Valentine's Day episode of Full House.  She also starred opposite John Ennis in Jess Lane's independent pilot, The Brothers Sisters, that was selected for the 2013 New York Television Festival.
UCB shows: Maude Night, Quick & Funny Musicals, Diamond Lion, The Sunshine Gang, UCB Mixtape, Smug Rock Nation, Christmas Tonight with Santa Clause, Let's Do This, Not Too Shabby, and Princess Fiona and the Apple, directed by Julie Brister.
Other shows: San Francisco Sketchfest, The Del Close Marathon, music venues like Bowery Ballroom, Rockwood Music Hall, Highline Ballroom, Hotel Cafe and the Bootleg Theater where she performed her original songs.  
*Her parents made it to the birth center in Culver City just in time.  Then they got Chinese food.  What a day!     

Oh, Brother!