Vero is a performer on the UCB Maude Team 212. She was born in Jacksonville, FL, and raised in Venezuela in an Italian household. She wrote, stars in and produced a craft tutorial parody called Kate's Craft Corner, which amassed over 700k views online and was featured in HuffPo Comedy. Veronica starred in "Manic Pixie Prostitute" and wrote and performed "Aubrey Plaza As Dora The Explorer" both featured in Entertainment Weekly, A.V. Club & Vulture. She was a finalist in the 2013's NBC/UCB Diversity Showcase. Previous credits include: Award winning short film The Jane, her UCB's one woman show First Woman On The Moon, UCB's This Is About Smith (SketchFest 2010), Above Average's series Cubed, Flipsters The Pilot, Voice overs for UNICEF and Above Average, AmEx Commercial with Tina Fey and the acclaimed Vag Magazine. While growing up in Venezuela, performed musicals, theater and with the first improv team in the country, she had several roles in full-length feature films that have won International film awards. Veronica is currently working on her third stage solo show and an original pilot. You'll soon see her in the 2014 ABC Diversity Showcase and in TruTV's Friends Of The People. Visit her website -- for more info!