Kent Kincannon is an improvisor, director, editor, and writer of this bio. Kent started taking classes at the UCB Theatre in 2008 and has had a great time doing it. In 2011 he joined the BETA team The Brig and is currently on the BETA team Horse + Horse. For UCB he edits things like Living Alone. For pleasure he works on Web Series such as Apartment Comedy and Incognito. For fun he does sketches like Holiday Weekend. In the past he did things like Park and Die. You might stumble on one of his many abandoned digital footprints like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or his website, or you might catch him performing improv with indie teams like Get Paid, The Strangers or The Temps. Or you might not. He not so secretly hopes that someone will pick a fight with him and/or a beautiful woman will kiss him without him seeing it coming. He also believes he has never had a good haircut.


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