Ryan Hitchcock is a Los Angeles native who improvises on the UCB Harold Team Solid Gold Forever and writes for the UCB Maude Team TUT. Other UCB credits include Spoiler Country (host/producer), UCB Cagematch, UCB Sketch Showdown, Sketch Cram, and Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad. Outside of UCB, he's been on IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!, co-hosts the show Where Eagles Dare at The Clubhouse, has performed at various comedy festivals, and took part in The Laugh Factory Hollywood's first-ever (and last-ever) sketch comedy showcase (it's a fun story--ask him about it sometime). Ryan got his first start at improv and sketch comedy as a founding member of the Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. After that he moved back home and started taking classes at UCB and elsewhere. He's been taught by greats like Sean Conroy, Nick Wiger, Alex Berg, Amy Seeley, Brian Huskey, Eugene Cordero, Johnny Meeks, Joe Wengert, Matt Besser, and Julie Brister, among others. Please don't give Ryan any peanut butter M&M's because he will eat them all.

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