Mano Agapion is a writer and performer from Greensboro, North Carolina. You know, the birthplace of O'Henry.
     He graduated from UNC - Chapel Hill in '08 with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Screenwriting. While in Chapel Hill, he performed improv and sketch at Dirty South Comedy Theater. He moved to LA in 2008 and has been taking classes at UCB ever since. You can see him perform on the UCB House Team, Winslow. Other UCB credits include Wilhelm, Urban Legends, Not Too Shabby, Let's Do This, Cagematch, and SketchCram! If you have eagle vision, you might have also seen him briefly on Comedy Bang Bang and Newsreaders.
     At UCB, he's had the pleasure of studying under comedians like Suzi Barrett, Julie Brister, Eugene Cordero, Alex Berg, Jim Woods, Joe Wengert, Neil Campbell, Alex Fernie, Nick Wiger and Drew DiFonzo Marks.
     Mano wishes to thank the fat Arabic kids from his childhood. Without their love, he'd be nothing.

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