Jackie is a writer/ performer and UCB teacher based in New York. At UCB she's currently a proud member of GOAT and hosts the long-running School Night at UCB Chelsea. Jackie is the creator and star of the popular, webseries Neighbors (Northside Fesitval 2015 Official Selection) which you can find on her website below. She appears on The Chris Gethard Show as one half of The Couple Who Is So In Love But Will Definitely Break Up in 6 Months. If you're still like, More, please, of this lady! you can check out videos for Above Average, College Humor and UCBComedy.com that she's been in. Jackie graduated from Johns Hopkins University and regularly contributes to Above Average and Reductress. Her work has also appeared on The Awl, Hot Hot Phone and The Daily Beast. Email: [email protected] Twitter: ohhijackie www.jackiejennings.com

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