Jess Lane is a comedian based out of Los Angeles who also enjoys directing, writing, acting, and telling people “we are definitely starting a band." In Los Angeles, she’s been on Holy Fuck, Sleepaway Camp, Power Violence, and various other shows that don’t shun uninhibited feminist, misandrist pedagogy. She currently hosts the irreverent and avant garde “Self Indulgence” at The Clubhouse, and in the past co-hosted “Not For Nothin” with Erin Lampart and “Extra Credit” with Christian Spicer. She is very proud of almost winning the Lethal Lottery once in New York, losing only by a measly 3 votes. (This is an outrage.) She currently writes sketches for Chris Hardwick’s, contributes to, and writes and performs with the UCB Comedy unscripted team The Buzzards. In 2015, Jess wrote for "She Said," a series hosted by Carmen Esposito for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, as well as produced and directed 5 episodes of the documentary web series "Unprofessional Wrestling with Dan Black" for Funny or Die and Samsung's Milk platform. Her original pilots "Mizz Miraculous" and "The Brothers Sisters" screened at the New York Television Festival in 2014 & 2013, and her web series Queer Bones, Punks, My Dead Lesbian Ex-Girlfriend, and others have screened at Channel 101 in both New York and Los Angeles. Her writing has also appeared on, Screen Junkies, and Comedy Central’s website. She can be seen on-screen in My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Adult Swim’s Fart Copter, Rodney Ascher’s The Nightmare, and various sketches on Funny or Die, UCBComedy, or An improviser with 10 years of experience, she performs weekly at the UCB Theater LA with her Harold Team Mister Town City. In New York, she improvised on Featherweight at the Magnet Theater, under the direction of Armando Diaz. She has recently appeared in Comedy Central's Mash Up, IFC's Comedy Bang Bang, and Adult Swim's Fart-Copter. Her web series for Channel 101 include The Jon and Jess Variety Hour, Teen Homicide, Chicks In The City, My Dead Lesbian Ex-Girlfriend, and Punks. In 2013, Jess directed, co-wrote, and starred in the web series Queer Bones, which was featured on the Nerdist website. But her most impressive achievement has definitely been appearing in the music video for "My First Kiss" by 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha, which her whole family definitely saw. You can visit her website:


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