Marissa Strickland is a writer and performer who grew up in Los Angeles. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a bunch of honors and a degree in Anthropology before studying at UCB in 2008. She currently performs on Harold Night with DunkTank and co-hosts The Orbiting Bear with Mike Carlson.

Marissa's credits include: ABC's Happy Endings, Adult Swim's Newsreaders, Funny or Die's Lady Time web series, IFC's The Birthday Boys, Adult Swim interstitials, First Impressions, The Mad Ones and commercials that usually require her to put food in her mouth.

At UCB, Marissa wrote and preformed her one person show Marissa Strickland: HASBEEN. Her other UCB credits include: Harold Night, Harold Matinee, Kid Grift Steals Your Show, Kid Grift Gets Smart, Kid Grift's Apartment Party, Noises On!, Tournament of Nerds, Quick & Funny Musicals, Cagematch, Sketch Cram, Maude Night, The UCB Thanksgiving Parade, Bombs Away, Let's Do This!, The Mysterious Affair at Mr. Bendernagle's Luau, Not Too Shabby, The 3 on 3 Tournament and Del Close Marathons 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 at UCBNY.

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