Kerry McGuire is a writer/performer who has been performing at the UCB Theatre since 2008. She's written for numerous Maude Teams including (212), Thunder Gulch, Charlemagne and more. She currently writes for the UCB Digital Team Sancho, and previously for UCB digital sketch team Pocketwatch, which regularly pissed off the internet by being anti-gun. She wrote for "Fatal Decision," a web series produced by Big Breakfast (College Humor), and "Beverly Hills Live on 9021-Go." Before that, she wrote for AMC's Story Notes. You can find more of her work on and around the internet. Look for her upcoming blog projects "I Wore it Wrong" her podcast "How the F*ck Do You Live?" as well as her upcoming one-woman show "Songs About Butts." She used to have a driver's license that spelled her name "Kerny McGurnie" so she'll also answer to that.

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