Justin Brown is an Improviser, Actor, and Standup Comedian based in NYC. He's studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2008. In that time, he's had the honor and privilege of studying under Bobby Moynihan, Porter Mason, Curtis Gwinn, Doug Moe, Silvija Ozols and the party just goes on. Justin is a performer on the Maude team The Prom He's appeared on various internet sites such as Barely Political, CollegeHumor, Jest, and LandlineTV. He can be seen performing standup all over the city. Be sure to keep an eye out for Justin playing the "token" in the upcoming horror comedy You Can't Kill Stephen King! Outside of acting and comedy, Justin holds a business degree from Iona College. Is proficient in various forms of martial arts and spends much of his time raising a rambunctious bengal cat named Mufasa! So all in all, Justin is an extremely dangerous, traveling salesman with a love for exotic cats with unoriginal names!


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