Zach Broussard is actor and stand-up comedian in New York City. He's done characters on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon and Sirius XM, and on stage at UCB with his Maude team Ripley. He was an actor on the long running house sketch team Fambly. As an actor Zach has appeared in national commercials (Fiat, Verizon, Budweiser), web series (Zach and Zach: Real Men, The Actress) and was cut out of a movie with Tommy Lee Jones called In The Electric Mist. He was trained in improv at the UCB and studied acting at The Atlantic. Broussard can be seen doing stand-up at his UCB East variety show Special Presentation, and in alternative rooms across the city and beyond. He's performed across the country at clubs and colleges, and at festivals like the Hell Yes Fest and New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival. He currently writes for MTV's Guy Code blog and has previously contributed to the Onion News Network. His tweets have been featured on Huff Po, CNN, Happy Place and more.


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